Remember, there are organisations that can help if you are in that situation. As harsh as this sounds; it might be worth considering breaking up, especially if you, or your partner, are bad influences for each other. Feeling trapped, restricted, backed into a corner, hands tied, victimised, paralysed by fear/terror, anxiety, feeling pressure, hopeless, helpless , powerless, silenced,crisis, dilemma, drama, imprisonment, punishment, slavery, persecution, judgement, trial by jury, consequences, negative attitudes, psychological issues, major weight-loss. Discover Your Tomorrow! with The Tarot Guide? The more tolerance and openness you show when first meeting someone, the better your chances of finding a new relationship. While it may feel like you dont have options, you may just need to think outside the box. However, look closer: if the woman removed her blindfold, she would quickly realise that she can escape her predicament by letting go of her limiting beliefs and establishing a new, more empowered mindset. Eight of Swords. The spread of cards before you is a layering of outlooks on your consciousness. How did you get here??? The lasting effect of the card may be as minimal as low self-esteem, but could also point out that unresolved issues from childhood are creating a self-destructive response to your current situation. The author's intention is to want this . If you get this card, be ready to analyze the circumstances in order to find the best solution to the problem. Future The Eight of Swords tarot card ask you to understand that life is just a series of trials. It can also signify successful treatment of eye issues. Take a break from your friends and see if your life improves. 4 colors represent the 4 elements, and a rainbow represents universal energy, creating a simple framework for reading. Bad and good are two things on the same scale. Make sure you are prepared to handle an unexpected bill or pay cut. Free yourself from this dilemma by putting your mind in the background and letting your inner feeling decide about your further way. You have overcome these challenges! You will feel how lovable your environment finds you and that you can find a partner for life like every human being. You can come through this, dont give up!if(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[300,250],'thetarotguide_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_7',184,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-thetarotguide_com-large-leaderboard-2-0'); In a spiritual context, the Eight of Swords reversed tells you that you will be feeling empowered, hopeful and free to explore you spiritual path when it appears in your Tarot reading. Be sure you are not doing that. Are you, or your partner currently happy? Sometimes this card can be associated with trauma - one which may be shameful for you to confide with others about, and all the psychological responses that come from experiencing that trauma. For a thought experiment regarding your everyday life, you can treat yourself as an observer. Be it harsh words that were lessons from your past or more recent verbal exchanges in your professional world or love relationship, the ideas expressed have caused you to shut down. But because of the blindfold preventingthe woman from seeing, she has no way of finding her way out of thistrap. The boundaries you set up might be constricting you. Fears and anxieties that have blocked you from truly pursuing romance can be lifted. You need to get creative and think outside of the box if you want to make more money. Comes with a tarot journal, spread compendium, and reference sheets. If you have been in an unhappy or abusive relationship where you felt trapped, this card would suggest that you will escape the relationship. Try to create more happy moments in your everyday relationship that fulfill both of you, like a meal together or a hobby. The reversed 8 of Swords however, can at times also signify just the opposite. The bright blue sky shows a groundless scene of eight walking sticks, or wands, being tossed in the air. Especially when you are in a personal life crisis or facing a challenging problem, your partner will open up new perspectives to help you get closer to a solution. It may not be easy but you can find a way to leave if you want to. The trouble is that you worry either option could lead to negative consequences, and so you remain stuck where you are. The Eight of Swords reversed also suggests that you are more prone to negative self-talk and suffering at the hands of your inner critic. 2023 Ingenio, LLC. The Eight of Swords in the Present position lets you know that you may not be the person who put the blindfold around your eyes, but you are the person keeping it on. Through this, you will automatically deal with your own weaknesses and mistakes. The Eight of Swords is a card showing the presence of obstructions and difficult obstacles. For example work is allowing you to live, but you feel like youre dedicating too much time to a career that isnt doing anything for you. In the reversed position, the Eight of Swords reveals a person being open to alternative ways of thinking. As you change your thoughts, you change your reality. It might be a good time to get into some deep conversations with your friends and get to know them better or help them out with something that they need assistance on. You feel very restricted concerning your finances and often worry about not having enough money to pay your bills. This isn't the happiest suit, in my opinion. Another meaning of the Eight of Swords is that you feel very limited in your choices for a problem. The thing to do is to simply walk away, to anywhere else, as a way to establish good boundaries. These Retro Fridges Are So! 2023 Biddy Tarot. It may be difficult to detach for a while, but understand that doing this quickly will save you a lot of pain in the long run. In a spiritual context, the Eight of Swords tells you not to allow yourself to be restricted. Or can't find what youre looking for? Behind her off in the distance is a castle on a hill. You can come through this, dont give up! In a financial Tarot spread, the Eight of Swords again indicates that you are trapped or restricted by your current financial status but again this is more to do with your anxiety than the reality of your situation. However, it seems as though whoever built the trap was a little lazy or hasty, leaving some open space where she could escape. There are ways to get what you want, dont give into fear. Many wealthy people are surprised to find this card in their readings, but their lifestyles are making them so comfortable that they are hardly living and avoiding reaching anything close to their real potential. In the extreme negative, it can indicate an abusive relationship as it represents being victimised and feeling powerless and hopeless. The Eight of Swords. Are you a talented writer? Tarot cards are organized by suits, as well as by numerical order. You may be feeling powerless, hopeless and helpless to improve you situation at the moment but you are the master of your own destiny. You will be feeling the pressure when this appears and may be in crisis or going through a dilemma or drama. However, the flip side of this card can indicate severe depression or oppression. It might not be as bad as you think. We feel like this soon after a traumatic event. In a career Tarot reading, the Eight of Swords suggests that you are feeling trapped in your career or current position. Have you surrendered to the idea of being trapped in a state of endless misery until the end of days? The picture looks bleak and yet a closer look reveals that it might not be as bad as it seems at first glance. Each Tarot reading occurs at a unique moment in time. You surrendered your power to an external entity, allowing yourself to become trapped and limited in some way. Hello and welcome to Valaros, your source of Tarot and Card Reading! Do you want to know how your financial situation is developing? She merely needs to remove the blindfold and free herself from the self-imposed bindings that hold her back. Self-limiting beliefs, victim mentality, holding yourself back, negative self-talk, trapped, overthinking, imprisonment, loss of power, perspective shift. You will need to address these fears before they continue to do damage to your mental health. A woman is blindfolded and bound in the plains, while eight swords are firmly planted in the ground surrounding her. You may feel that it isnt your fault you have been placed here against your will. The Eight of Swords is one of the most important cards of the Minor Arcana. No one is an island, nor are we ever completely alone, and there is always a dock for your boat. Eight of Swords. In a financial Tarot spread, the Eight of Swords reversed again indicates that you have either released your worries or fear about finances and are in a much more mentally healthy place or you have become more entrenched in your anxiety. A good card to draw in the Eight of Swords reversed shows you have defeated problems in the past, you no longer feel trapped and are ready for future challenges. A minimalist and modern lenormand card deck printed with gold foil on sleek, matte, recycled plastic. This card is a strong warning when it appears in the future position. Past You might feel trapped in the past but youre away from that now and experiencing a new level of freedom. When reversed, it is a Minor Arcana card of self-belief, ignoring criticism, standing up to abuse and taking back control. You already have the resources you need, but it is up to you to use those resources in a way that serves you. The swords depicted in the card are surrounding you but you can take the blindfold off and walk away at any time! A gilded edge tarot deck based on the language of color, the tree of life, and the tradition of the Golden Dawn. Just follow your gut feeling and trust your intuition. Eight of Swords of the Tarot is an Arcana of containment, stalemate, doubt. Theres something you need to get off your chest about your well-being. This is the card of the animal part of our brain where intellect and reason are controlled by emotion and instinct. This card also represents consequences and judgement which may take the form of trial by jury, imprisonment and punishment. Just take the first step. Draw your Career Tarot Card now for free! Often we dont see the forest for the trees and limit ourselves too much with the same solution strategies. Inner strength means opening your eyes and seeing the world as it is and not as you would like it to be. The cards which come next will show whether it will be good to follow the advice given or not. It helps to see. The Eight of Swords Tarot card also reveals that you are currently confused and do not know how to move forward in a critical life situation. In any case, go to a doctor to have your symptoms clarified. As such, it can also indicate that severe depression will have a negative effect on your relationship or, if you are in an abusive relationship, that your partners controlling behaviour will escalate to extremes. Another aspect of the Eight of Swords Reversed is that you should not make your happiness dependent only on the extent of your wealth. . Bring order back into your documents. If not, it is imperative you take back your power and personal accountability and open your eyes to the options in front of you. Maybe its time to dedicate yourself to actively looking for a relationship. Eight Of Swords: Embrace Challenges And Move on Anita Lyndon Eight Of Swords Meaning You will not have it easy in this world; you have to work hard and endure every bit of your decisions. It is important to take measures in time to help you see your surroundings clearly again. The cards are placed in past, present and future positions. However, a closer look reveals that the swords are merely blocking the way back, while the path forward is completely clear. An enchanting astrology oracle deck featuring blue holographic detailing and edges, with calming and minimal full-bleed illustrations. This could relate to a job you just didnt enjoy, a place you were living, people you didnt like being around but are now free from. When there are many Wands cards in a reading with the Eight of Swords, you have a natural creativity and business savvy that is being thwarted by spending your time in frivolous pursuits or a destructive relationship. Sometimes life can get too much for us, youre not expected to go through life alone especially during these trying times. The Eight of Swords represents restrictions, entrapment and being backed into a corner. The same work routines are getting to you and you hardly can unfold your true potential. Do you want to know what today holds for you? Nobody will save you except yourself. Thats why you wont get a partner, but at the same time, you suffer from your loneliness. Draw your Health Tarot Card now for free! . Dont force anything or demand any old repayments because this will only backfire, instead be gentle and calm about it. This card often comes up for the victim of abuse and represents the mental torment of knowing you must leave the relationship but also feeling trapped or bound by this person. The first spark of love has already jumped over, but something deep inside you leaves a bad inner feeling. The Eight of Wands illustrates how having too many options can often simply lead to chaos. Our app teaches you with simple, easy to use exercises while exploring our academy. Your thoughts are the cornerstone of your actions, so pay attention to what you think. The woman is also bound by the same garment used to blindfold her. Learn the basics of the ancient esoteric tradition of tarot by starting your initiation ritual! Are you blocking yourself from success because you are wallowing in negative emotions? You can do more than you think you can. Yet because your job is tied to your means of living, you feel that you cant leave right now. Do you have a talent that someone else would pay for? It is advisable for you to avoid making an important decision at this time since yourjudgment is likely clouded. Trust yourself. You might feel restricted by circumstances or as though you are in an impossible situation. The boundary of self-discipline is one of great rewards. This often doesnt yield results. As a destiny card, the Eight of Swords stands for the fact that you are a prisoner of your fears and doubts. That means that you are constantly worried about not having enough money for necessary purchases. You may be feeling clear minded, empowered, mentally strong and hopeful when this card appears in your Tarot spread. You are now trapped between a rock and a hard place, with no resolution available. Some people just arent meant to be together. Working just for the money will not make you happy in the long run. Catch yourself when you are in a negative thought pattern and break the cycle. You might be in an unfulfilling job, an abusive relationship, a significant amount of debt or a situation way out of alignment with your inner being. Eight of Swords Tarot card speaks of a heightened sense of trap and pessimism caused by the isolation from family and friends as a result of an argument . The Eight of Swords reversed is your cosmic reminder that you are the author of your own story and the creator of your own reality. Money comes and goes. Sarah Potter is a professional witch, Tarot Reader and practitioner of Color Magic, a means of using specific hues of the rainbow to conjure different energies and manifest personal transformation. She doesnt know what to do, but inaction also isnt a good choice. You are ready or almost ready to move beyond your fears. The beliefs you hold about yourself are preventing you from achieving your personal goals. Talk to a mental health professional or confide in family and friends. The gloomy slate gray sky underscores that boundaries ignored can lead to isolation. You surrendered your power to an external entity, allowing yourself to become trapped and limited in some way. It's time tofree ones self from the past and proverbially clear out their closet, creating room for new things and experiences. Many eights in a reading suggest a strong, positive change in your life. Money The Eight of Swords in regards to money might indicate your current emotion relating to your finances. Deuce of Swords.--Friendship, Valour, Firmness, Courage; R. False Friends, Treachery, Lies. When the Eight of Swords is dealt out into the present position during your Tarot reading, it is at its strongest. When there are other Sword cards in the reading, the verbal warfare is heightened and you may need to speak up once and for all. By standing up for yourself and not letting constrict yourself any further, you will take the first step towards more freedom and your partner will have to adapt to the new situation. Surrendering ones power to an unknown entity, whether it's fate, or God, the government or something else means that you are giving away your own personal responsibility to affect change. Below, you will find details of the card meanings of The Eight of Swords tarot card. Furthermore, the card represents a freedom-loving character. By being open to different character traits, you will have much more choice of partners and also get to know and possibly even love many different sides of people. You can stand up to an abusive spouse even if he is supporting the two of you. The suit of Pentacles represents money problems when the Eight of Swords appears amidst a few cards of that suit. Often our harsh words or attitude will cut us off from other people. You can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and you can create a more positive reality for yourself by letting go of those self-limiting beliefs. The shackles represent a negative self-image, doubt, and confusion that prevent the woman from moving forward on her life path and immobilize her. The problem comes with giving up. You may feel as though you have no choices, but this usually isnt the case if you look at the bigger picture. In a general context, the Eight of Swords can represent feeling trapped, confined, restricted or backed into a corner or having your hands tied. Her feet are free, so she could go and get help. The Eight of Swords is a very powerful Card and when it appears in a Reading. If you are single, the Eight of Swords reversed indicates that you may have let go of any fear or anxiety that had been holding you back from finding love. Of course, there is free will and spotting this card in the future position is a good way to take heed of a warning from the Tarot deck and not get too comfortable with how things are going. The woman has a bandage around her eyes preventing her from seeing where she is or could go. The more you shy away from facing your fears, the more they will bind you. Key Dates, Timing, and Astrology. Realize that such doubts exist only in your head and that you can change your inner attitude to the positive at any time. Another aspect of the Eight of Swords Reversed is that you do not feel bound to the idea of entering into a relationship at any price. Enjoy the freedom that being single gives you and dedicate yourself to your desires and goals that you still want to achieve in life.

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